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Multilingual Information Lines

Do your customer service consultants deal with clientele who speak another language?
Do you want to engage with multicultural communities but not sure how?
Do you want to increase your sales and business opportunities?
Do you want to have a competitive edge against other companies in your target market?

Our Multilingual Information Line Service is the most cost effective communication technology solution

This solution incorporates the best of technology and prerecorded information services to enable persons of all backgrounds to access relevant information regarding services.

Our Multilingual Information Service is supported by superior interactive voice response (IVR) technology and custom built software that manages content, reporting including call statistics and connection time and invoicing via a dedicated team that oversees the service’s operational functionality.

We work with you to determine your most relevant language groups and provide a dedicated phone number for each language or access via a single number. We then tailor menus and pre-recorded information options and most importantly provide advice and assistance on content for your lines.

This solution is exclusive to VITS! Don’t be fooled by other systems that cannot guarantee service.

We have an extensive client base that has utlilised our services for the past 15 years and the list of clients accessing this dynamic technology grows larger every day. Our expertise in pre-recorded content and multilingual translations sets us apart from others.
Why not join in the benefits that this solution can offer your organisation?

Key benefits include:

  • Easy to access pre-recorded information technology
  • Optional three way telephone interpreter connection if your client requires more information
  • Promotes easy reach to specific markets within your customer base
  • Service available in over 100 languages
  • Tailored packages according to your organisational and multicultural communities’ needs
  • Extensive menu optioning based on project specifications
  • Increased productivity due to fewer calls within call centre environments
  • No wait time or engaged tone – pre-recorded information is accessible 24 hours, 7 days a week

Contact us today for a demonstration and proposal that will take your organisation into the future of multicultural communication.

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